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                        Black granite grit                                       India's Best black granite Crushed stone product

Black granite grit                                        Export granite chips jubo-bag exportworthy pack
 Super black granite stone is crushed and screened for perfect size and packed in Jumbo-bag.( 1.25 Metric Ton each)


We manufacture and export granite stone crushed grit of various grades for bulk users in industrial, poultry, gardening, highway and building constructions etc.
Our premium black granite chips or grit feature in number of different environments.

(1) Landscaping :- Lining ,covering surfaces and to add beauty and to assist in allowing water to percolate and prevents the earth from surfaces. As a topsoil cover ,it preserves natural cycle of soil environment and helps to retain moisture for long period and saves time and water in gardening.

(2)Raw material for Roads and Highways construction :- Our black granite grit, Chips and pebbles gives highest ( granitic) durability, good road grip when they are is used in the construction of highways. When used for marking lines on roads and by lanes. Unlike paint, which fades over time, these environment-friendly chips and pebbles last for a long time. Here compressive strength and natural color property acts dually and this material offers durability, beauty and high quality construction saving maintenance and repairing costs and overhead expenses.

(3) Building Exteriors :- When walls lined with fine-size granite chips. It gives strongest anti-whether protecting.
(4) Water Filtration :- layer of granite grit of filtration grade acts as filter media and as a strainer. Suspended and colloidal matter in the water and also a large quantity of bacteria are caught in the interstices of the grit layered media during its passage. The hardness, low porosity and water absorbability of granite chips and pebbles make it an ideal water filtration element.
(5) Sea defenses, Water works, High surface abrasion applications:- In recent past "Tsunami" threat has evoked sense of protection of coastal area under threat. Construction of defense wall is the only answer where the granite stone and granite aggregates used for front line construction to offer high resistance and durability.

(6) Chicken grit/Poultry grit:- Granite poultry grit is produced in a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of various types and sizes of birds. Its hardness makes it highly effective as a grinding aid for poultry. These are also offered in screened sizes and labeled in the same manner as granite grit. The "starter size" or "chick grit". This is the size also used as a seed topping in gardening and agriculture use. The next larger size is labeled "grower" or "special pullet". The largest size is about the size of a pea and carries the label "large" or "coarse"

We manufacture granite chips or grit and aggregates from natural premium black Indian granite stone of particular size and shapes and grades. Production capacity 500MT/Month)
We have our own source of huge granite stone and manufacturing capacity
We have the hardest granite stone (GABBROS and DOLERITE) for various colors and grades.
We offer you granite grit of various grades Under strict under size/over size tolerance( usually +/- 5to10 10%) like 30to 60 mesh,14 to 26 mesh,7 to 14 mesh,1 to 5 mesh with durable jumbo-bag (1.25 metric ton) packing having top and bottom out lets to facilitate your factory process for big pre-cast concert.

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